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How I Prepared For The Upcoming Wedding

I am about to get married in six months! Exactly eight months ago, I met Ed. We met at a bar near the apartment where I was staying.  I just graduated from college at that time while he sings in a local band.  I don’t say that it’s shotgun wedding or whether or not, it’s a perfect love story for us.  It was just one of those ordinary moments when he suddenly went down on his knees and asked me to be his woman forever.  You see, we only got together for two months before we decided to marry.  That was the time, as well, when I received a call from web design Augusta and offered me a position in their company.  As a graduate of information technology, it would be my best opportunity to show my knowledge and skills as well as to save for the upcoming wedding.  The problem, though, is that Ed doesn’t want me to travel for Augusta when he has a steady job in Atlanta.  Singing is just a hobby, but he actually works in real estate firm.

Like him, I wanted to see all the progress in every wedding plan.  I mean, we’re only married once ideally, and I wanted it be really special for both of us.  It took a great deal of sacrifice on my part rejecting the offer from Augusta.  Good thing, though, I have several friends who are freelancing at the moment and so they helped me get a job online.   I considered it as a perfect chance to work and save money.  The first freelance job that I got is from a website designer Atlanta.  The pay was good and I had all the time to follow up all other plans pertaining to my wedding.  Even though, Ed continuously reminded me that it’s not really important to tire myself up for the wedding preparations, I believe that my effort will be worthwhile

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